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An intimate 8-week coaching program grounded in evidence-based techniques to help you love your body, experience deep intimacy, have great sex shame-free.

Have you ever felt shame when it comes to your body, your sexuality, or your relationships?


Maybe you have sexual fantasies you’d never dream of saying out loud…

Or you’re embarrassed about the number (or lack thereof) of sexual partners you’ve had.


Maybe you have trouble opening up to your partner…
Or you’re dealing with feelings of abandonment after a breakup.


Maybe you feel insecure about (or disconnected from) your body…

Or you have trouble allowing yourself to be vulnerable when it comes to dating.


Maybe you’re carrying the weight of trauma from your childhood or a past relationship…

Or you simply feel like there’s got to be more to life than what you’re currently experiencing.


There are so many ways shame manifests itself in our relationships, both with others and with ourselves.


The truth is, women’s pleasure has been a taboo topic in our society for thousands of years. And while we’ve made incredible progress, unfortunately most of us have internalized those narratives. We carry a collective sense of shame that leads many women to fear or avoid intimacy altogether.


That shame can show up as an inability to express yourself sexually, or having a negative body image, being unable to be emotionally vulnerable in a relationship, or simply feeling like there’s a piece of you missing.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

SHAMELESS is an eight-week coaching program designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to feel fully empowered — and well, shameless — in the bedroom and beyond.


Women of all backgrounds, statuses, and life experiences have experienced radical shifts through SHAMELESS:

  • Single, married, partnered and divorced women

  • Women of every age, from their 20s to their 60s

  • Women of every race

  • Straight, lesbian, and bisexual women

  • Monogamous and non-monogamous women

  • Vanilla women and kinky women

  • Women with all levels of sexual experience, from totally inexperienced to those working in the sex industry

  • Women who have been in therapy for years and women just beginning their personal development journey

  • Women who have suffered repeated trauma and those who were spared

  • Women from a wide variety of professional backgrounds (entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, pro athletes, artists, bartenders, stay at home moms…)


“Rena’s program gives you the tools you need to figure out what is missing in your life as an adult woman. The conversations are hard, but so necessary.”


“Today, I am at peace with myself for the first time in my entire life. I will forever be grateful to Rena and myself for doing this work.”

“​​If you trust Rena, the process and brain science, oh man, how things can change in just a matter of weeks. I now feel the calmest and happiest I’ve been with myself in years.”


“This sounds crazy but being in my body during intimacy was my biggest breakthrough. I always used to leave but this work really shifted things for me.”


“Rena's program is life-changing and has helped in so many facets of my life - dating, intimacy, self-talk and self-criticism. The investment was one of the best I have made in my entire life.”


You don't have to spend years in therapy or read countless books to be able to experience true intimacy. And if you have gone those routes, you might find yourself feeling that while you intellectually understand your issues, you don't know how to use that knowledge to actually create change in your life.


That's where coaching comes in.


While anyone can give you tips and tricks to use in the bedroom to "spice up" your relationship, those are just band-aids: True intimacy must be cultivated from the inside out.


Inside SHAMELESS, you and I will work together for 8 weeks to identify where shame is holding you back from deeper intimacy and greater pleasure. We'll dive into reprogramming thought patterns and dissolving your subconscious blocks, with the goal of helping you connect with your body in a way you simply can't do in conventional therapy or through self-guided work.


SHAMELESS uses evidence-based techniques rooted in neuroscience and is individually tailored to each client’s unique needs. My holistic approach differs from most sex or relationship coaches in that we consider body, mind, and soul in order to help you create radical, lasting change.

What you get inside SHAMELESS:

  • 8 weekly 1:1 Zoom coaching session with Rena to explore your unique challenges, struggles, and desires & create a personalized roadmap to greater intimacy and pleasure

  • Unlimited access to Rena via email, text, or DM for additional support

  • Weekly homework with actionable steps to implement your learnings

  • Access to 1x weekly group Zoom call (open to both current clients and alumni)

  • 1:1 bonus call with a coach trained in subconscious methodology rooted in psychotherapy, to clear out any remaining blocks that are holding you back

  • Plus, open enrollment means you can start anytime you’re ready — no waiting for the next launch


Put simply: There is no other program in the women's intimacy and empowerment space that offers this level of support while delivering proven results. You don’t just get 1:1 coaching with me — you become part of a small, diverse community of women doing the work right alongside you.


SHAMELESS is for you if…

  • You’re craving more pleasure and deeper intimacy in your life

  • You’re ready to go beyond conventional therapy or self-help books

  • You understand that creating real change requires more than just showing up

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself and your own empowerment

Ready to start your journey toward living and loving shame-free?


Click below to get in touch and we’ll schedule a free consultation call

to make sure SHAMELESS is right for you.

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