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When I came to Rena, I felt lost on what my authentic self is or what my wants/needs are. I didn't know what my options were or how to explore them. Today, I feel I have value in this world. I am a fun, courageous, strong, honest, good person who is worthy of love. I didn't believe those things before. They were my biggest insecurities and something that hurt my past relationships and work persona. The program is perfect for the woman that feels like she has her life in order in so many ways (e.g. work, friends) but then not in so many other ways (e.g. romantic relationships, sexual/intimacy fulfillment, family dynamics). Invest the money and time in living your best life. You won't and can't improve in this way on your own. It's scary and it's hard sometimes, but Rena is a strong, intelligent force that will make you feel so safe and supported.


When I started working with Rena, I struggled with vulnerability, feeling my feelings, and being seen fully. The amount of time it takes me to feel my feelings and then respond is so much shorter now. I’m more open to be vulnerable and ask for what I want and need, which is totally new for me! This sounds crazy but being in my body during intimacy was my biggest breakthrough. I always used to leave but this work really shifted things for me. Rena’s program is the perfect first step in deep work around self confidence, vulnerability and intimacy.


Rena's program is life changing and has helped in so many facets of my life - dating, intimacy, self talk and self criticism.  The investment was one of the best I have made in my entire life. I started the program because I was feeling shame about my journey post-divorce. I have a new outlook now. My confidence and self esteem has increased tremendously! Thank you, Rena, for all the work you have done in this area to help women struggling with intimacy issues.  This program is worth the investment and time spent doing the work.


I came to Rena for help accepting my body, feeling I am enough, and living authentically. Little did I know that working on my intimacy would lead to recognizing this is not a small facet, but a large piece of the puzzle of your life. I've recognized things that I didn't even know I'd be tackling in this program. This work jump started a loving relationship with my body, empowerment in my sex life, and helped me align more fully to living authentically in ALL ways. I know now I have innate value. I am justifiably sexual and deserve pleasure. I am able to embrace my femininity and feel sexy. Rena is amazing to work with. You will come away feeling more empowered, supported, and with a toolkit you can use to check in with yourself at any time. This program is a perfect match for every woman, even if she doesn’t think she needs it.


I started working with Rena because I had abandonment issues and felt unworthy of love. Today, I realize I am a high value woman. By putting myself first, I am loving and honoring myself. I’ve healed my inner little girl, and know men don’t get to define my value by how they treat me or feel about me. This program is perfect if you have self worth issues, or you’re coming out of a toxic relationship and want to stop repeating unhealthy cycles. Be ready for a transformation of an even better you!


Being shameless about one’s own sexuality is one of the most transformative experiences and Rena knows exactly how to help each individual who works with her. I came to Rena because I was struggling to stay in my body. Through our work, I broke down the walls that were preventing me from being able to enjoy sex. I am definitely transformed! Thank you Rena! This program is absolutely worth it. Whoever is considering this course - just sign up already! You wont regret it.


I came to Rena because I was insecure about having sex (I didn’t know what I liked or wanted) and had negative body image issues and low self-esteem. I had long-held negative beliefs/thoughts about sex being dirty and that I was dirty for thinking about sex or having sex. Those thoughts are BLASTED away. Now, I LOVE my body! I am 100% comfortable being naked with a man. I know what I like and don't like and can effectively communicate that with a partner. Positive and lasting change comes quickly if you do the work. Rena’s program is life-changing, and I think all women would benefit from it.


Rena's program is a self-empowerment intimacy program that helps women become fully attuned with their body, heart, and soul. 

I was struggling with my sense of worth, with anxiousness around dating, with loving myself and knowing that my needs are valid. I had just gotten out of a long term relationship, was living on my own for the first time, and was struggling with confidence in entering the dating scene. When I found Rena I knew I had an opportunity to really heal some of the negative self-talk and shame that was holding me back from having the type of love and life that I wanted to say yes to. 

Today, I feel so much more solid in my sense of self. I have come to love myself, my choices, the life I've built for myself, and I love that I speak up for my needs. I've been transformed in the sense that I just needed permission to step into my fullness. And now that I'm there I can only see more growth and expansion coming out of this place of self-appreciation and self-knowing. I recognize that I'm a fucking powerhouse of woman.


I came to Rena because I needed help processing through and removing my long-held shame from not being able to experience having orgasms with a partner due to past sexual/emotional trauma. That block has been released! Rena has helped me see things differently, helped me honor my basic rights as a sexual being, and turned this already self-proclaimed sex-goddess into a renewed force to be reckoned with. 

When you enter Rena's World and coaching program, you are proclaiming to every cell within your body that you are committed to yourself and that you whole-heartedly deserve the healing experience you are about to embark upon.  All of the concepts brought through each week can also be transferred to other areas of your life as well. This program is like the best kind of sex: It is deep, it is messy, and it is transformative in every sense.


Rena’s program helped me to get to know myself, my body, and helped me feel strong as a woman.  I have released shame from childhood experiences that weren't my fault.  I have the tools to talk about my needs in and out of the bedroom with potential partners.  I have insight as to the patterns I participated in within relationships.  I have the courage to show up and not disassociate from my body during sex.  I explored my own sexuality and now know what I need and am able to express this in a straightforward way. This program is perfect for the woman who has been hiding her sexuality and wants to feel empowered in her own body. Be completely honest with yourself about what you need.  Work hard and look within.  Find you, beautiful you.


When I came to Rena, I was drowning in shame about myself, my lack of sexual history, my ignorance due to not being educated properly. Low self esteem, low confidence, poor body image-- you name it--I had an issue with it and shame was at the core of all of it. During Rena’s program, I did things I never thought I would do. I have a better relationship with my body, more confidence, and feel a level of empowerment I have never felt before. Rena’s program is transformative. You need to put in the work and it isn’t always easy. (All growth happens outside your comfort zone.) Rena tailors the program to you depending upon what you’re bringing to the table and is your biggest cheerleader. She asks questions you may never have asked yourself before. Rena is incredibly supportive, non judgemental and a breath of fresh air. She holds a safe space where women are challenged to be their best selves whatever that may mean for each individual. I have never felt more comfortable talking with a complete stranger about sex and intimacy. Rena just has a way about her that makes you feel like you can discuss anything!


I came to Rena when I was fresh out of a relationship and going through so many life changes. I had spent the last year being totally disoriented in my body. I lost my sex drive for the first time and couldn't figure out how to get it back. As I was heading into singlehood, I really wanted to get back in touch with myself, my femininity, and my sexuality. Today, I have rediscovered my power. I thought my goal was to find my way back to how I felt years ago. But it's better than that because I am not that woman anymore. The culmination of all the experiences I had during this program transformed me and opened my eyes. I can’t think of a single woman who wouldn’t benefit from this work.


I came to Rena for help with confidence, self love, intimacy, body image, and perfectionism. Today, I feel as if I’m vibrating on another level. I am happier. I have grown into my own wings. I am confident in myself no matter what I am doing. Her program is designed for the woman who wants to grow into the wings she has and to see the beautiful and amazing woman she is. The results take effort, but you will be transformed in the end.


The ending of my previous relationship acted as a catalyst and my insecurities surfaced. The fire I used to have was dimmed. I lacked intimacy with myself and was seeking validation from others. Over the eight weeks with Rena, I could sense a shift in my perspective and life. I started breaking down barriers and false narratives I had about myself, sex, and relationships. I learned how to have fun again and experience joy and pleasure!  

I am a different person now, and I have the tools to have healthy relationships as well as sexual experiences. I understand my values, needs, and wants to communicate these to a potential partner. I will always act intentionally to honor myself; self respect and intimacy start with ME! I reclaimed myself and this is empowering! World, this is the REAL me!


I started working with Rena at a turning point in my life, newly divorced from a 22 year marriage. I felt closed off and unsure if I could trust or be open and vulnerable in relationships. I was ready to do the work but had a lot of fears and trauma from my past. Rena helped me get out of my comfort zone and challenged me to really dive deep and heal. It wasn’t easy. Now I truly feel like I am becoming the authentic woman I was always meant to be with a completely different mindset on life, self love, intimacy and inner peace. I realized intimacy goes way beyond romantic relationships. Any woman can benefit from this work: diving deep and getting to know ourselves and what areas we can focus on to deepen our intimacy with ourselves and others.


I came to Rena questioning whether I wanted to stay in my marriage. My husband and I were going to weekly couples therapy, but sex and affection was a block I couldn't push through because of sexual abuse I'd suffered as a child. I had no idea what I wanted or how to even begin talking about sex. I couldn't enjoy oral sex (or even long hugs, for that matter). Rena gave me permission to change, and I did. I no longer feel like my sexuality was robbed from me as a child. I don't see sex as a wife's duty anymore; it's something I want and know how to ask for. My husband and I are having the best sex of my life without any limits or insecurities. We hug every day. For the first time in my life, I feel true intimacy. Thank you, Rena, for saving my marriage.


When I came to Rena I was struggling with what intimacy meant to me, and dealing with past relationship trauma that brought up so much shame and guilt that I had carried for years. Today, I feel great in terms of what intimacy means to me and how I have embraced it in my friendships. I still have this longing for intimacy with a committed partner, but I'm learning what exactly my wants and needs are in romantic relationships. I am forever grateful to Rena. This woman helped me realize and get comfortable with the concept of investing in myself. I am a giver and have never been a taker, and taking pride, time and effort to invest in myself was the greatest gift I've ever received. Her program is perfect for the woman who is ready to invest in herself, her body, her spirit, her strength, and is looking for growth and transformation.

Miss A

I came to Rena because I sucked at intimacy, being vulnerable and all things in that space. Working with Rena empowered me to be the person I want to be. Her program was perfect for me and worked exactly as I needed it to. I gained confidence, structure, and learned about gratitude and happiness. Any woman who struggles with intimacy and has the desire to learn and grow can benefit from this work.


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