Are you ready to love your body, have great sex and experience deep intimacy, shame free?

“Shameless” is an eight week coaching program designed to move you into your power in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Women don't have to spend years in therapy or read through countless books to be able to feel like they can truly be intimate. And for those who do spend those valuable years trying (I was one of them!), most end up feeling like they can intellectually understand their issues, but don't know how to translate that knowledge into actual change.

That's where coaching comes in.


Unlike sex coaches or relationship coaches, I use a holistic approach: mind, body, and soul. Anyone can give you tips and hacks to use in the bedroom. Or on dates. Or to "spice up" your relationship. But those are just band-aids. Intimacy must be cultivated from the inside out. 

You and I will work together to examine your life with surgeon-like precision. We'll tease out thought patterns, dissolve your subconscious blocks and shame, and allow you to connect with your body in a way you simply can't do in conventional therapy or through self guided work.


What else sets this program apart? You don’t just get individual sessions with me; You’re part of a small community of women from all walks of life. You also have support from a team of specialized coaches I’ve enlisted who will further help you tackle specific mindset and subconscious work. 


Put simply: There is no other program in the women's intimacy and empowerment space that offers this level of support while delivering proven results (read about those here!). 

Are you ready to love your body, experience deep intimacy, and have great sex, shame free? Click here to schedule a complimentary 45-minute zoom consultation. We'll get clear on what is and isn't working in terms of intimacy, and determine whether the program would align with your needs.

Public Speaking and Education 

Are you a practitioner who wants to provide a course on the subject of women’s intimacy? Need a group facilitator during a summit, workshop, or retreat? Want to deliver a powerful speech or presentation to your staff?


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