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You deserve great sex.

As an intimacy coach and educator, I've helped thousands of women love their bodies, create more intimate relationships, and have great sex shame-free sex. I've given a TEDx Talk on sexual shame. I also published an entire book--The Sex You Want: A Shameless Journey to Deep Intimacy, Honest Pleasure, and a Life You Love--to create a more pleasure-filled world.


But the truth is, I hadn’t actually experienced true intimacy until my late 30s — and it was my own winding journey to creating a loving and intimate relationship with myself that brought me down this path.


Serving as a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County for 14 years, I had the honor to advocate for hundreds of women who’d survived domestic abuse and sexual assault. I got to see firsthand the incredible capacity we have to rewrite our narratives if we’re simply given a safe space and asked the right questions.


After a string of unsatisfying romantic relationships in which the common denominator was me, I realized it was time to rewrite my own story. 

I needed my own safe space in order to tackle the unprocessed trauma I’d suffered at a younger age. So I sought out a professional guide and together we embarked on a journey that transformed the course of my life. She asked me questions I’d never asked myself. She helped me envision a life that aligned with my core desires: deep intimacy, emotional vulnerability, sexual expression, and reclaiming my identity as a woman. 


In short: She gave me permission to imagine my best life, and the courage to actualize it. I came out the other side with a firm resolve to change my own life and help other women do the same, leaving a marriage and a lengthy legal career behind in the process.


Realizing I was far from the only woman struggling to feel true intimacy in her life sparked a deep sense of curiosity in me. As I dove into the countless books, articles, and studies on intimacy, I realized that while knowledge is power, it can only take us so far. Intimacy is an experience — you can’t read your way to amazing sex. You need to strip down, get in there, and feel your way through it. 


That’s where our work together comes in. 


My signature SHAMELESS coaching program has transformed the lives of dozens of women (and counting!) by helping them liberate themselves from shame and discover deeper intimacy. SHAMELESS combines 1:1 coaching, group calls, and incredible support from myself and a team of other professionals using evidence-based techniques. Through this work, women are able to do in a matter of weeks what they haven't been able to accomplish in years (or even decades).

When you heal your intimacy, you heal your life.

If you’re ready to begin this journey, it’d be an honor to witness your evolution as a woman.


A tad more...

I’m a native Los Angeleno (yes, we exist!) who’s lived in England and Mexico. I now call Echo Park home and happily live around the corner from my partner. I love smelly cheese, dramatic cinema, and dancing to 60’s tunes. When I’m not chasing my Siamese cat Lucha (a.k.a. “Chooch”) around, you can find me connecting with the people I love most in my life, with a smile on my face and (sometimes!) a cocktail in my hand. 


I hold a Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School, where I was also a law review editor and twice-published author. I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from California State University Los Angeles and also hold a certificate in Positive Psychology through the University of Pennsylvania. I am a Certified Life Coach through Lumia Coaching and am recognized as a Master Coach by High Impact Coaching, an international community of the world's top coaches. This is my life’s work and passion, and I’m constantly seeking out more knowledge and training in my field by staying on top of current research and from the invaluable insight I gain from my clients every day.


xo, Rena

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